Our Promise to you.......

Terms and conditions

  1. The estimate   

    Ager building services will provide the client a proposal for the services been provided (estimate)  which will set out:

    a) any fees with AGER Building services will charge
    b) any money needed prior to the work commencing
    c) a estimated cost for materials
    d) a estimated time scale for the work been completed

    The estimate will be attached to the terms and conditions as a schedule and will act as a contract between AGER Building services and the client, the client will be deemed to have accepted the content of the estimate in full. Clients can amend this estimate add and take off jobs until 7days prior to work commencing. After this the amended jobs must be agreed by both parties and a new estimate drawn up.
  2. The services and the time and manner of their delivery

    a)AGER Building services will carry out the services set out in the estimate.

    b)The time frame and delivery date are guidance only. AGER Building services try their very best to stay within the time frame given. However we cannot guarantee the exact time/date that services will be completed. AGER Building services cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the client as a result of the delivery of services been delayed or postponed for any reason.

  3. Payment

    The price is set out in the estimate given to the client, this includes materials cost, labour cost and tool hire for the service to be completed.

    Not withstanding the above, The contracted price set out by AGER Building services in the estimate/quote may change where services have been provided which are different or addition to those set out in the estimate/quote. Either by specific request from the client or we have had to complete additional work which was not anticipated at the time of the estimate, or fluctuations in material price. We endeavour to stay within the original estimate as much as possible, no changes would be made without prior consultation with our client.

    a)AGER Building services ask for materials cost at least 7days prior to work commencing. This is due to the business been a small family run business.

    b) any large jobs taking more than a week we ask the client to pay AGER Building services a weekly wage, via cash payment or bank transfer.

    c) After the service is completed we ask for the remaining balance to be payed within 48hours of the work being completed, via cash payment or bank transfer.

    client agrees:
    a) not to withhold any sums or money due to AGER Building services.

    b)if payment is with held the client agrees to pay AGER Building services the cost and expenses he accumulated in recovering the payment.
  4. Cancellation

    The client can cancel their contract with AGER Building services, any time before 7days prior to work starting. Any cancellations after this time period we ask for labour costs set out in the estimate given to the client and any material costs related to their job that have already been purchased.

    AGER Building services will refund any money given to us if 7days notice is given, any cancellations after that client will not be entitled to a refund.
  5. Clients obligations

    The client will be responsible for any measurements or materials they have given to AGER Building services. Where these measurements or materials are not correct and accordingly materials or product provided by AGER Building services are the wrong size, the client shall bear the expense to rectify the problem.

    The client should permit AGER Building & Plastering access to the property or location in which services are being supplied (job site) and assure is appropriate and adequate. Where the job is inside make sure there is adequate ventilation. providing AGER Building services with faculties to complete the job.

    AGER Building service will endeavour to clean up any mess we have made after work is completed. However we cannot deep clean the property, it is the clients responsibility to deep clean and redecorate after work has been completed. The onsite rubble which shall be removed by AGER Building services , unless clients have made alternative arrangements to correctly dispose of rubble.

    Where AGER Building services stores or keeps any materials or tools on site. the client shall be held responsible for the security and safety of such items, and shall account for any loss or damage.

    The client shall be responsible for any planning permission, licences or consent which are needed for the services to be provided. The client warrants that they have applied for and obtained all such necessary permission, licence or consent prior to finalising a start date for AGER Building services.

  6. AGER Building services obligations

    a) AGER Building services shall perform all duties, services and obligations under this contract with care and skill, we will provided the best possible standard of service.

    b)AGER Building services will take care with the clients property, including taking reasonable care to protect the clients  furniture, fittings, wall, ceiling and floor covering during our time there.

    c)AGER Building services shall be responsible for managing and arranging the safe and lawful disposal or any waste materials which are generated or removed from the clients property as a result of the provision of service.

    d)AGER Building services shall at all times hold public liability insurance.

    e) the clients is resposable to arrange building plans if applicable to the job being completed, before, work is due to commence. AGER Building services will work with the building inspector to certify the compliance of the services provided with relevant building regulations.

    AGER Building services provides to the client, in addition to their statutory rights that the services provided under this contract shall be free from defect or flawed materials or workmanship for period of 3years from the completion of services, notwithstanding that this guarantees shall not apply to:

    a)defects or flaws caused by misuse, neglect, failure to adequately and properly maintain, or failure to follow instructions or recommendations made by AGER Building services on the part of the client.

    b) any defect or flaw caused by chemical or mechanical damage (which is not in itself a result of some defect in the workmanship or materials) which happened after our service is completed.

    c)AGER Building services shall, at their sole discretion, determine the manner in which we will satisfy this guarantee. Whether by, repairing, re-performing or replacing the services or by refunding to the client all or part of the money having been paid.
  7. Termination

    This agreement shall continue until the service have been provided, or until terminated in accordance with the below.

    a)either party commits a serious breach or persistent breaches of this agreement including but not limited to the non-performance, neglect or default of any of the duties outlined in the terms and conditions.

    b)client not paying within the time scales in section 3.

    A written notice of the breach must be given, and 7 days to rectify the issue. If the problem cannot be rectified the contract shall be terminated. Upon the contract been terminated all out standing money for services completed and materials bought must be payed in full to AGER Building services,  If any money is owed to client we will transfer it back to the customer.

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